Middle Years newsletter

The Middle Years critical thinking newsletter

Our Middle Years Newsletter is designed for students aged 12 – 15, inviting them to apply a critical thinking approach to the very latest news events and issues.

As well as linking all their learning to the real-world, and helping them to become informed, nuanced, thinkers, it also prepares them for the TOK by introducing them to many of the ideas and concepts that we look at during the course.

Access the MY newsletter archive

The Middle Years Newsletter is available to Faculty members of the site. Either purchase a new membership here, or, if you have a membership with fewer privileges, upgrade via this link. You will then receive the newsletter every month, as well as having access to all our other resources for TOK.

Click on the image to access the first edition of the newsletter, to see how it supports critical thinking for the pre-IB Diploma students across all subjects.

Develop your students’ real-world critical thinking

Our workshops focus on a single, clear aim: to develop students’ real-world critical thinking across the curriculum, which we do via the exploration of big ideas, influential thinkers, and the very latest news events and issues.

Set up either an in-school or online workshop, and unlock the full potential of TOK to offer a brilliant, engaging, integrated learning experience for both your teachers and students.