Group 3 diploma programme integration

Group 3 TOK integration

Members can access the DP integration tool for Group 3 (individuals & societies) on this page. It gives non-TOK teachers the means to link their subject to TOK, explore the nature of knowledge, connect their students with key events going on in the world, and quick links to our brilliant new classroom-ready TOK mini-lessons.

Join us to gain access to the Integration Tool!

Check out the 2022-23 DP integration tool for history here, to see how powerful this resource is for schools trying to integrate their DP learning.

To gain access to the integration presentations for all 25 subjects, enabling your entire DP faculty to draw meaningfully and easily on TOK, become a Faculty Member of the site.

Watch our integration webinars

Our series of webinars offer tips and strategies on how to integrate TOK with the different Diploma Programme groups. Here’s the video of our webinar for Group 3, and you can download the event presentation here, and read our responses to questions asked by attendees here.

Check out the integration webinar videos for the other DP groups via this YouTube playlist. You can also see our other recorded webinars, and news about upcoming TOK events via this page.

Set up an integration workshop

Our integration workshops focus on a single, clear aim: to develop students’ real-world critical thinking across the curriculum, which we do via the exploration of big ideas, influential thinkers, and the very latest news events and issues.

Set up either an in-school or online workshop, and unlock the full potential of TOK to offer a brilliant, engaging, integrated learning experience for both your teachers and students.