Classic core theme lessons

Classic core theme lessons

Our classic core theme lessons are classroom-ready, media-rich, driven by real-world issues, and filled with the ideas of key thinkers from the past and present.

They are perfect for first-time teachers of TOK who want a straightforward structure to their course, or teachers who want to augment our BQ framework with materials that invite students to delve directly into the core theme, knowledge & the knower.

Download these free sample classic TOK resources!

Only faculty members of the site have access the classic TOK lessons. Below you’ll find a selection of free sample lesson resources, so please help yourself to see what you’ll gain when you join us!

Download a sample briefing paper (for history), giving students a quick overview of this aspect of the course.

Download a sample nature and scope lesson (for the arts), offering initial thoughts on the nature of knowledge.

Download a sample perspectives lesson (for language), looking at knowledge and perspectives.

Download a sample methods & tools lesson (for mathematics), looking at how knowledge is produced.

Download a sample ethics lesson (for the core theme), looking at how our knowledge informs our moral outlooks.

You’ve seen the samples; join us and access the rest, and a host of other brilliant resources for TOK.

Check out our mini-lessons for knowledge & the knower

Members can access 15 new TOK mini-lessons every month. Based on the very latest events and issues, they can be used equally effectively by both TOK and non-TOK teachers.

Download the mini-lessons for knowledge and the knower here, and check out the main page for the mini-lessons here.