The BQ Framework

The BQ framework offers a revolutionary new approach to TOK that not only delivers the course in a more engaging, real life situation-driven way, but also gives students a more effective preparation for the two assessment tasks. Each of the 8 Big Questions contains a ‘suggested pathway’ of lessons related to two or three different ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. Also included is a unit with a series of lessons introducing TOK, and another one that provides lessons on how to create an effective TOK essay and presentation. All 8BQ lessons and support materials are supplied on Google Slides and Docs, and will be updated on a weekly basis.
But this is far from being a prescriptive resource. If you would prefer to create your own ‘pathway’ for each Big Question, we provide you with hundreds of extra RLSs related to alternative ways of knowing and areas of knowledge that can form the core of your lessons. If you use the BQ framework alongside the TOK newsletter, you can keep these updated with 20 new real life situations every month. You can download a selection of free BQ sample lessons and materials here.

This is TOK rebooted for a post-truth, post-textbook age – engaging, authentic, rigorous, and completely up-to-date.

As well as giving students a far better TOK experience, the Big Question framework also allows TOK to be used more effectively as a way of bringing together all the different DP subjects, as it provides a way in to the course for any subject teacher, at any point during the course, via subject specific Big Questions. This has enabled us to develop the pioneering DP Integration Tool, a huge new resource that enables non-TOK teachers to draw effortlessly on TOK to help deliver a genuinely integrated educational experience for DP students. Access to the DP Integration Tool is provided for all Full Access members of the site.
Gain access to the BQ framework via one of the theoryofknowledge.net membership options. These can be purchased directly from our site using either a credit card or PayPal. We work with SiteLock, Stripe, and PayPal to ensure that our payment gateway is completely secure. If you have any questions about the BQ framework, or wish to organise an alternative payment method (such as bank transfer or purchase order) use the contact form below to get in touch with us.
Follow the links below to take you to the BQs. We’ve also provided you with a link to our DP Integration Tool. Note that pages are accessible only to users with an active membership to the site.


Check out the new BQ framework

From 2020, many schools around the world will begin teaching a new syllabus for TOK. We’ve therefore adapted the 8BQ framework, editing and adding lessons, and incorporating both the assessment lessons, and the introductory lessons into six new BQ units. Check it out here.

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