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Our aim for TOK is nothing less than to create a life-changing experience for students and teachers. We believe that the course is the most interesting, useful, and profound aspect of the Diploma Programme – and, indeed, their education to date.

Theory of knowledge is the life and soul of the Diploma Programme, and the course that prompts students to question their assumptions, think about other perspectives, and understand how and why the information they receive everyday is subject to manipulation and spin.

At theoryofknowledge.net, we’re very good at supporting students to write a great essay, create an effective exhibition, and think about the way the different parts of the DP all fit together. But our real aim is to wake them up, and get them to say, “Wow! I never thought about it like that!”

Our resources for TOK teachers

theoryofknowledge.net comprises various different elements, which between them offer the most comprehensive support for the TOK course available anywhere in the world. At the heart of what we do is the website, which offers a range of free and paid-for content, that covers the different elements of the course.

To keep lessons up-to-date, we produce a monthly TOK newsletter, that looks at all the key events – and the media’s coverage of them – from the previous 30 days. Anyone can sign up for the free version of the newsletter, or choose to receive the premium version, which looks at more stories, and offers additional unpacking suggestions, by becoming a member of the site.

To deliver the TOK course, in the most engaging, thought-provoking, and structured way, we offer our Big Question framework of lessons, comprising 72 different lessons created on Google Slides presentations, and supported by a host of guidance materials.

The BQ lessons are driven by the latest real-life situation, reference the most influential thinkers and thoughts, and are constantly updated and edited to keep the TOK experience fresh and relevant for students. All of the BQ lessons are available as teacher-led or self-guided versions, enabling you to flip the classroom, or teach remotely. Check out some free lessons here. See how this approach aligns to the 2022 syllabus here.

Our resources for non-TOK teachers

To get other teachers onboard with TOK, we offer the world’s only dedicated DP Integration Tool. This provides non-TOK teachers with resources to draw on TOK in their lessons to any level they want. We have also created a range of 10 Minute TOK lessons that you can either use yourself, or share with other members of your faculty.

We offer loads of other resources and features as well, from 100 unpacked TED talks, to resources to unpack movies, from a lexicon of knowledge terms, to a course for younger students. We even provide you with the means to include your parents in the TOK experience.

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