About teaching theory of knowledge

Teaching theory of knowledge for the first time is a daunting task. A high proportion of TOK educators are not involved with it because they’ve chosen to teach it, and some educators even view the course as drawing the short straw.

There’s no clear examined curriculum; it’s mandatory – so students in your classroom are there because they have to be, rather than because they’ve chosen to be; the nature of TOK itself is nebulous – is it philosophy? Critical thinking? Content-based or skills-based? How should it be approached?

Uncertainty brings potential

As the best TOK teachers always discover, though, the massive ask quickly becomes a massive opportunity. The fact that there’s no clear examined curriculum means you can cherry-pick an array of fascinating topics that play to both your strengths and those of your students. The fact that all students have to do it means that you have to hand a much broader range of expertise and interests to draw on. And the nature of TOK is a fantastic combination of all those things – philosophy, critical thinking, content and skills – plus a great deal more.

In fact, being given responsibility for TOK is akin to winning the lottery for a teacher. TOK is a dynamic course which you can build yourself, it’s one that tests, teases, and challenges the students, and it genuinely presents them (and you) with the opportunity to have life-changing experiences in (and out) of the classroom. The only danger is that it will take over your life, and you’ll begin to see TOK in every experience you have!

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Our pioneering way of teaching TOK is via the ‘Big Question’ framework. Find out more on this page.

Here are some tips on supervising the TOK essay. We’ll be expanding this page shortly.

The TOK exhibition replaces the presentation. We’ll be adding some thoughts on this page on how best to support your students.

We firmly believe that TOK shouldn’t be taught from a textbook. Here’s why.

You can also find out about the way we use a TOK journal to build up the skills for the TOK assessment tasks. If you have any questions about teaching TOK, use the form below to contact us.

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