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“Liberating TOK from the tyranny of the textbook.”
Our first TOK blog argues that you should never, ever use a textbook to deliver any aspect of the TOK course.
“We said that our 8 Big Question framework provides the best possible preparation to tackle the prescribed essay titles for TOK. Were we right?”
To coincide with the release of the May 2018 prescribed essay titles, we consider how well the 8 Big Questions set students up to write the TOK essay.
“The traditional approach to TOK doesn’t support a meaningful exploration of real life situations by students. We have the solution.”
This TOK blog considers why the ‘traditional’ approach to the course is a very flawed way of delivering TOK, and why the Big Questions offer a far superior framework.
“How do you get non-TOK teachers teaching TOK? Here are some suggestions.”
In our most popular blog to date, we think about how you can get non-TOK teachers to deliver TOK, and help to create more of a critical thinking culture in your school.
“You argue that your school is a hub of critical thinking. But is it? Really?”
This TOK blog, we consider whether the rhetoric on the front page of your school website matches reality, and you’re delivering TOK or critical thinking effectively in this post-truth age of information overload.
Coming soon
“TOK can be a complete education in its own right. Here’s how.”
Our next blog will look at how the BQ framework can deliver not just a critical thinking course, but a whole education in its own right.

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